During the Mandalorian Wars, Mandalore the Ultimate wielded a powerful battle-axe. Forged in the shape of a traditional mythosaur axe with metals taken from the Galactic Republic's prized capital ship, the Courageous, after the Mandalorian's victory in the Battle of Serroco, the battle-axebecame a symbol of Mandalore's prowess. With a long pole staff and the addition of cortosis, as well as an energy cell, Mandalore the Ultimate's battle-axe was twice as deadly as those traditionally constructed frommythosaur bone.


When Mandalore the Ultimate arrived aboard the Arkanian Legacy to meet with the Arkanian leader Arkoh Adasca, along with representatives of the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic competing to obtain control of Adasca's Project Black Harvest, he came face to face with Republic Admiral Saul Karath. Mandalore brandished his battle-axe at the meeting as spoils of war, taunting Karath with the remains of his former flagship, theCourageous. The meeting ultimately came to naught, and as the conference turned to open conflict between the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, the Republic military, and the Jedi, Mandalore the Ultimate departed the Arkanian starship with his battle-axe in hand.

Mandalore the Ultimate's battle-axe was a modernized update of the ancient mythosaur axe traditionally created by earlyMandalorian warriors. But while these traditional axes were constructed from calcified bones of the long-dead mythosaurs of the Mandalorian's cultural homeworld of Mandalore, Mandalore the Ultimate forged his own weapon from metals salvaged and melted down from the Galactic Republic cruiser, the Courageous, as well as lightsaber resistant cortosis. When constructing the axe, Mandalore the Ultimate had the metal blades placed atop a lengthy pole staff, nearly as long as the Taung warrior was tall, and installed an energy cell that enabled the axe to deliver a strong electric charge. With these features, Mandalore the Ultimate's battle-axe was capable of inflicting nearly twice the damage as traditional mythosaur axes made of bone. The weapon weighed ten kilograms in total, and possessed an estimated value of 1000.