"You know what the Mask means to my people. Without it we are lost, vagabonds wandering the galaxy without a purpose. Recovering the Mask could be the key to restoring Mandalorian honor—and power. Whoever finds it will be hailed as the new leader of the clans. Mandalore will rise again, and the Mandalorians will follow."
Canderous Ordo[src]

Mandalore's Mask was a ceremonial war mask worn by the Mandalore, the traditional leader of the Mandalorian warrior clans. Mandalore the Indomitable wore the mask throughout the Great Sith War and after his death it passed to his successor, Mandalore the Ultimate. The helmet was a ruddy golden color and it prominently featured the iconic Mandalorian T-shaped visor. For decoration, it was embossed with a series of concentric lines and, above the visor, it was adorned with two emblems of the Mandalorian Crusaders.

 The mandalores mask is passed down from the previous owner of the mask.

A hand-me-down if you will.