Kal Skirata by Brian Rood

Kal Skirata, born Falin Mattran—sometimes called Kal'buir (Mando'a for "Papa Kal") by the clone commandos that he trained— was a Human male Mandalorian instructor who trained clone commandos in the Grand Army of the Republic during the time of the Separatist Crisis. After being orphaned, he was adopted by Munin Skirata. As Skirata grew up, he became the husband of Ilippi Skirata, the biological father of Tor, Ijaat, and Ruusaan Skirata. He would also become the adopted buir of Omega Squad and the Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos. Through RC-1136 of Omega Squad, and Jedi Knight Etain Tur-Mukan, and ex-jedi Knight Bardan Jusik. He was also the adopted grandfather of Venku Skirata.